Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service Development

We have a vast experience in developing user-friendly software solutions for Windows and Mac platforms.

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We strive to create truly easy to use software, targeted at specific core audience and designed for business purposes. Careful planning and well thought out software architecture allow reducing the development costs, providing high investment returns. If you are looking for a knowledgeable team of IT specialists to develop desktop software, Agilewill handle your project with reliable care.

We strive to provide our customers with maximum advantages at each stage of their project implementation, be it the entire development cycle or just some stand-alone stages.

Desktop development services we provide

We deliver full-cycle of the desktop development process, from raw idea to scalable product for your business needs.

Custom Solutions

We approach each project individually and develop the very solutions which will help our customers achieve their goals. You get the opportunity to invest your funds with maximum efficiency.

Cooperation transparency

Cooperation transparency and its maximum efficiency are the key principles of our work on the business application development services market. We value our customers’ trust and focus on our long-term cooperation.

Performance and Scalability

Technologies always keep advancing, and this fact must be kept in mind when developing software. That is why Agilecreates flexible software architecture, taking into account the load growth in the future and scaling potential./p>

Desktop Application Development

We have experience in creating boxed and licensed solutions for various platforms in our portfolio. With us, your next market-winning product will be in good hands because we have all the in-house capabilities including analysts, architects, UX/UI specialists, engineers and QA to success in such projects.

Desktop Software Integration

The proper data transfer and workflow functioning across enterprise IT environment is crucial for the effectiveness of the modern distributed systems. We are capable of creating a complex integration solution and adding’s to make all your business solutions effectively and flawlessly work as a single system.

API Development

Agileprovides API development services for the existing software solutions to ensure better connectivity across various solutions and services. With all our previous experience, we have accumulated know-how needed to create APIs that will help your product to become a part of any software ecosystem.

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