Online Back-Up Solutions

Streamline everything with simple Online Back-up Solutions

Fast, simple cloud backup is finally here. Backup to the cloud in less than five minutes, and gain the flexibility to restore on-premises or in the public cloud without changing existing backup policies or workflows, via Agile Ideas Cloud Volumes Backup.

Pay only as you grow via predictable, consumption-based billing and enjoy zero upfront capex expense or over provisioning risk. HPE Cloud Volumes Backup is cloud backup done right.

Disaster Recovery

It goes without saying that modern business relies on information technology and data is the backbone of business and therefore needs to be protected. So when downtime or disaster occurs; there should be an immediate recovery solution. Our DR Service recovers your data to multiple destinations like public cloud, private cloud, local storage etc. With a single and unified management platform you can back up and restore anything individual files, disks, or entire systems in minutes.

Optimize Cloud Data Management and Protection

Take advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS) or self-managed software to back up, recover, and do more with your data.

Backup & Archive

Store securely to the cloud including safeguarding data on VMs, servers, NAS, and computers.


Works with S3 compatible or native APIs, CLI, and GUIā€”move and manage data with minimal coding.

Content Delivery

Save and distribute globally with free egress to CDN partners.

Manage Media

Manage and store large media libraries without changing your daily workflows.

Access and Restore

Use your data worldwide with iOS and Android apps, and a web restore to download what you need.

Your Data Is Safe

All data is stored in our secure data centers with 24-hour staff, biometric security, and redundant power.

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