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User Research | Make your products world class with insightful User Experience Research

Research brings context and insight into design decision making. UX Research can improve the usability of products by incorporating experimental and observational research methods to guide the design, development, and refinement of a product.

As UX researchers, we work alongside end users, product leaders, designers, engineers, and programmers in different stages of product design.

What makes us different is our skill and experience in putting the right combination of techniques together to provide the genuine user insights you need. We employ a variety of research techniques and tools to uncover user needs throughout every step of their journey. We ensure that the data is meaningful, accurate and actionable.

AgileUX Research Services

Our UX Research service is typically a 4-6 week long engagement, depending on your needs and scope. Our deliverables to you include Research Insights Report covering user preferences, performance data, and actionable design inputs for your team.

User Research and Analysis

Competitors’ analysis, web analytics, user interviews, and initial user testing will enable you to understand the goals, needs and mental models of your users.

Persona and Scenario Creation

Analyzed data is used to create personas – fictional profiles of your real users – which later become the basis for scenarios – user-software interaction patterns.

User Journey Mapping

Different scenarios are combined to create a comprehensive user journey map that covers all possible points of users’ interaction with your software.

Wireframing and Prototyping

The user journey map is transformed into multiple wireframes. When they are assembled, you get a prototype that gives you a clear vision of a future web or mobile app without forcing you to invest in front-end code development.


Rigorous usability testing of the finished prototype to ensure the UX design quality and eliminate chances of critical UX errors prior to front-end development.

Branding & Identity

We weave a story with brand elements like logos, icons, and color scheme that define your brand personality and add a whole lot of weightage to it.

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